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Features to Maximize Productivity on Google Drive

Not many business owners or company decision-makers use Google Drive as more than just a cloud storage service — however, organizations can also use it to boost productivity.

Google Drive has over 1 billion active users, proving that it stands out from the competition, and for a good reason. Read on to discover seven helpful features that distinguish Google Drive from other cloud storage services.

1. Share Files with Access Controls

With Google Drive, users can share files and set user permissions for each one, enabling organizations to create individual, department-wide, company-wide, or top-management-only folders.

2. Publish Files Online

Google Drive allows users to publish a copy of their files as a lightweight web page. Here at BetterWorld Technology, we recommend this platform for all our midsize business clients for publishing purposes.

3. Use Voice Typing

Employees with typing-heavy tasks can save time with Google Drive’s voice typing feature. Click on tools and then voice typing on the menu to use it. After dictating a file, proofread it first before finalizing it.

4. Leave Comments for the Team

While other platforms use comments, Google Drive elevates them by letting users tag their teammates. Tagged people will receive notifications via email, where they can easily access the active file.

5. Use Templates

One of the best things about Google Drive is that it offers free templates for all account types. Whether users need Google Sheets, Docs, or Slides, they can access hundreds of templates for different projects.

6. Sort Files

This feature is not new, but Google Drive enhanced it for its users. It lets account holders sort files by file size, modification dates, or open dates, making it easier to move and delete large and dated files.

7. Perform Advanced Searches

Users can type in keywords and filter results according to location, file type, and modification dates when looking for files. This advanced search feature makes it convenient to recall information from past meetings.

Boost Your Company’s Productivity Today

To thrive in the modern world, companies should use the latest digital tools. The list includes a simple, easy-to-use platform: Google Drive.

Do you want to learn more about how Google Drive’s helpful features can solve your unique business challenges? Business owners across the United States and even in Toronto, Canada, can request a free assessment from our experienced specialists at BetterWorld Technology today.



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