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Boost Your Protection With Cybersecurity Insurance

In today’s modern world, businesses depend on technology more than ever. How vital is technology to your company, is it fully protected with the most modern cybersecurity solutions?

Here at BetterWorld Technology, we understand how crucial it is for a business to ensure that its technological systems are well-protected and secured from unforeseen system failures and cybersecurity threats. That is why it is essential to boost your protection with cybersecurity insurance.

Why Choose Cybersecurity Insurance?

Cybersecurity insurance is a specialized insurance policy designed to protect organizations against risks associated with information technology infrastructure, operations, and dangers based on the internet. It is a coverage plan for businesses that sustain monetary losses due to cybersecurity disasters, mainly caused by cyberattacks.

Here at BetterWorld Technology, we provide you with essential information about cybersecurity insurance.

In Today’s Technologically Advanced Society, Anyone Can Be Hacked

Unfortunately, as technology advances, so do hacking methods. Even big, famous companies can be a target. According to the Guardian, PlayStation Network hackers accessed the data of 77 million users. “Sony said it discovered that between 17 and 19 April, an ‘illegal and unauthorized person’ got access to people’s names, addresses, email addresses, birthdates, usernames, passwords, logins, security questions, and more.”

Sony could have saved millions of dollars by getting cybersecurity insurance coverage but chose not to.

Cybersecurity Insurance Is a Crucial Line of Defense

Your business could be harmed and fail if data is lost or accessed by hackers. Customers leave your business, resulting in a decrease in revenue. Additionally, your business can be held responsible for any losses brought on by the theft or compromise of third-party data.

Cybersecurity insurance is crucial to safeguard your company from cyber events like terrorism-related attacks. In addition, insurance against cyber dangers can hasten the resolution of cyber disasters and even save your company.

Cybersecurity Insurance Coverage That Suits Your Needs

Depending on your company’s demands, cybersecurity insurance provides different types of coverage essential for your business needs. It enables you to select a level of coverage you are pleased with and ensures that your insurer is entirely transparent about what they do and do not cover.

Work with BetterWorld Technology to determine what kind of cybersecurity insurance your company needs and how to upgrade your IT support.



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