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7 Microsoft Edge Features That Make the App a Productive Powerhouse

According to a report, Microsoft Edge accounts for 10.07% of all desktop usage worldwide. Although Google Chrome remains dominant in browsers, the Microsoft browser is more popular than Safari.

If you’re using Microsoft Edge at work, you might be interested in how you can be more productive. Here are some tips to consider:

Use Wireless Sharing

Wireless sharing in Edge lets you transfer content from your browser and send that to nearby devices. This option enables you to share your view with apps like OneNote and Mail.

Set Up Multiple Profiles

Another unique feature in Microsoft Edge is the ability to configure multiple profiles. This function allows you to share your browser with your colleagues without disclosing your private information or preferences.

Pin Websites

Website pinning is a feature in many browsers, so you can access essential sites immediately. Unfortunately, pinned websites can sometimes be lost, resulting in hours of research gone.

Microsoft Edge lets you pin websites straight to your computer taskbar, so you can access sites without the risk of losing them.

Better Privacy Control

Customize your privacy settings in Microsoft Edge with three options available. Privacy control in Edge helps protect your information when browsing online.

Use the Reading List

The Reading List feature of Edge lets you save articles to access them later. You can also synchronize your saved list and share them with other devices.

Take Advantage of the Tab Preview

The Tab Preview feature of Edge helps you sort through the clutter of having multiple tabs open, so you don’t have to be overwhelmed.

Mute Certain Tabs

Microsoft Edge has a Mute Tabs feature that you can use to mute specific sites to avoid distractions.

Make the Most of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is one of the top browsers today, primarily because of its various features.

However, there are more tips to use Edge better, so you can be more productive. Contact an MSP like BetterWorld Technology today to find out.



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