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3 Simple Ways Technology Can Save Your Time

For the most part, technology has made our lives better and easier. From automobiles to the internet, we now have access to comforts that people from the past couldn’t even dream of. The same holds with time.

While time remains a finite resource, technology has allowed us to maximize its use and avoid wasting it on tedious or menial tasks. Here are three simple ways technology helps us save time.

1. Efficient Email Management

Modern IT solutions and intuitive messaging platforms like Microsoft Outlook, LinkedIn, and other social networking software make sifting through and responding to electronic messages a breeze. These applications allow us to create folders and reorganize our emails easily. They can also automatically compile spam messages and junk mail for quick deletion.

A pro tip is to read your emails thoroughly and address each query or issue raised. By doing this, not only will the sender appreciate your satisfactory response, but it can also prevent a lengthy back-and-forth conversation, saving you more time.

2. Easy File Searching and Retention

Most — if not all — productivity software allows you to name and rename your output as you like. Whether it’s a document or data spreadsheet, you can give your work a relevant file name for quick access. There’s no need to waste time opening each file until you find the right one. Filter out the file name, and you’re done!

To retain your files and not spend time retrieving lost work, you can use IT solutions like OneDrive to back up your work in the cloud. Here at BetterWorld Technology, we also offer recovery and backup services to ensure that your data is safe, whether stationed in New York or as far as London.

3. Quick and Secure Logins

As our digital accounts pile up, so does the number of passwords we must remember. However, we sometimes forget them, causing us to spend precious time reflecting on the right combination. We may need to contact customer representatives to reset our login details.

Fortunately, password managers now allow us to securely access all our accounts by typing only a single master password. You can get more cybersecurity protection for added security, like what we offer at BetterWorld Technology.

Final Thoughts

From convenient email management to fast account logins, technology continues to help us save time. Check out our site if you’re interested in technology and IT support.



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