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Security Measures to Boost Your Microsoft 365 Data Protection

It is hard to ignore the countless benefits businesses can obtain from using Microsoft 365’s tools. Seamless communication, scalability, and features that support remote work backed by an array of defense mechanisms are just some of the features M365 can offer you.

Therefore, it is essential to reinforce your security measures to protect your data from hackers who wish to disrupt and damage your system. Here are several practical steps to help you shield your data in Microsoft 365.

Security Measure 1 – MFA

Simply using a username and password is not enough to protect your data. Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication allows your employees to verify their identity using one-time passphrases or other similar verifying factors. It is recommended to activate Microsoft’s Security Defaults feature, which also enforces MFA in your company’s accounts.

Security Measure 2 – Session Timeouts

Its purpose is to automatically log users out of their accounts after a certain inactive period has progressed. This impedes hackers from accessing your data through a forgotten employee account.

Security Measure 3 – Utilize Advanced Threat Protection

Although antiviruses and firewall defenses are very useful, there are different types of threats able to bypass them. Employing Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) allows you to catch and understand the dangers that have infiltrated your system. It works through constant machine learning, enabling it to prevent future attacks of similar nature.

Security Measure 4 – Leverage Policy Alerts

Policy notifications can be set up on the compliance center of Microsoft 365; these allow you to create warnings for your employees when they’re about to share possibly sensitive information with users outside your company.

Security Measure 5 – Secure Mobile Access

Microsoft 365 offers mobile management features that allow you to manage security policies, permissions, and restrictions and launch emergency procedures on stolen or lost devices. Refer to this article on our website to learn more about how to keep your mobile devices safe from cyberattacks.

Security Measure 6 – Integrate Role-Based Access Control

Managing who can access sensitive information allows for better control of your company’s data flow, decreasing the chances of data leaks.

Security Measure 7 – Rely on a Unified Audit Log

Enabling unified audit logs (UAL) grants you access to records from Microsoft 365 services such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Azure AD, and Microsoft Teams, which allows you to oversee any malicious actions that breach your organization’s policies.

Security Measure 8 – Train and Educate your Employees

Any amount of security measures may turn out to be ineffective if your employees are out of the loop. The best way to protect your sensitive data is to book employee security training and education; this way, you ensure they remain informed on possible threats to watch out for and how to address them.

Don't Minimize the Importance of Your Business's Data Protection

Microsoft 365’s tools are beneficial and intuitive. However, you mustn’t neglect to apply data protection measures since this leaves your system vulnerable to cyberattacks and information breaches.

At BetterWorld Technology, we offer IT Managed Services for your business in Chicago or any other place nationwide. Contact us to learn more ways you can protect your data!



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