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How To Make Your Mobile Devices Safe from Cyberattacks

With more and more people relying on mobile devices, it only makes sense for cybercriminals to turn their eyes towards exploiting mobile users. Mobile security is now a priority; learning to keep cyberattacks in check can prevent serious consequences.

At BetterWorld Technology, we want your cyber activity to be secure. To improve office cybersecurity with mobile devices, consider the best practices below:

Best Practice 1: Set Up a Robust Cybersecurity Policy

Employees need to be aware of the cybersecurity risks of using mobile devices. By setting up a solid security policy, everyone will understand how to thwart cyberattacks.

Best Practice 2: Keep Systems Updated

Keeping the operating systems of your mobile devices updated is vital to addressing potential security vulnerabilities. Ensure you install these updates as soon as they become available to minimize threat exposure.

Best Practice 3: Incorporate Password Protection

Incorporating a password or PIN that’s difficult to break can stop malicious individuals from carrying out mobile cyberattacks. Ensure these login credentials aren’t kept within the phone, as that would be counterintuitive.

Best Practice 4: Use Business Apps Only

Stick to using programs your organization requires and avoid installing other non-business apps. Much software nowadays comes with malware that can cause problems with one’s cybersecurity.

Best Practice 5: Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi

Avoid using public Wi-Fi connections as much as possible. Hackers can easily tap into these networks to look for unprotected communications and send their cyberattacks to anyone caught within.

Best Practice 6: Use Phone Tracking

Phone tracking features can be beneficial in case of lost mobile devices. Even some apps let you delete specific data once a device gets stolen.

Best Practice 7: Leverage Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is ideal to ensure that personal and business data are separate within your mobile devices. Implementing such software can reinforce cybersecurity and prevent potential attacks.

Best Practice 8: Block and Whitelist

Blocking and whitelisting apps according to their trustworthiness can improve the cybersecurity of your mobile devices.

Always Stay Vigilant

Ensure your mobile devices are included in your policies when enforcing cybersecurity measures. Ensuring that these gadgets are secured can prevent the consequences of being breached.

If you need help with your cybersecurity, BetterWorld Technology can help. Get in touch with us today to know more.



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