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Train Your Team To Exceed Their Use of All Those Time-saving Features for VoIP Systems

Modern technology continues to increase workflow efficiency. When it comes to fast network communication, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) leads the charge. However, hardware ISP bandwidth issues, heavy data traffic, or a faulty router can cause problems like audio jitter. Read on to learn how to mitigate these issues and use VoIP to improve workplace productivity.

Invest in a Quality Headset

Low-quality headsets can further exacerbate audio jitter and choppy receptions. Aside from making it hard for your employees to communicate with each other, these audio problems can dissuade customers from further engaging with your business. Instead, invest in headsets that offer better capabilities, especially regarding the microphone.

Create Department Groups

As a convenience feature, VoIP-enabled phones allow you to set up and adjust department groups. You can create dedicated contract groups for departments such as accounting and marketing. When you direct a call to a group, all the members under it are alerted. This eliminates the need to call people individually and facilitates faster transactions.

Set Up a Directory

Take the time to set up a company directory and link it to your VoIP system. This will make it easier for all parties to contact key personnel and departments. If you don’t know how to set up a directory, BetterWorld Technology can help you. We offer IT support services that can address your VoIP software problems, whether your business is based in Indianapolis or Toronto.

Set Voicemails to Emails

To avoid listening to a long list of voicemail backlogs, adjust your VoIP settings and set voicemails to emails. This feature transcribes voice-based correspondences to text-based messages, increasing efficiency. To protect your emails and voicemails from cyber attacks, you can likewise partner with BetterWorld Technology and try our cybersecurity services.

Conduct a VoIP Orientation

Not all your employees are well-versed in what a VoIP system is or how it works. Schedule a VoIP orientation to familiarize them with the technology and your calling process. To get the best outcome, consider distributing written instruction and review materials as well.

Final Thoughts

From investing in better headsets to conducting an orientation, there are many ways to utilize VoIP better and improve workplace productivity. Partner with a reputable IT service provider like BetterWorld Technology to further maximize VoIP usage. Visit our site to learn more.



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