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5 Best Practices for Network Management and Security

Are you worried about your company’s digital network lagging behind or being exposed to security threats? Your concern is understandable since a reliable digital infrastructure is essential to modern businesses, big or small. A compromised system can paralyze operations and lead to revenue drops. Hence, network upkeep should be one of your priorities.

Read on to learn five network management and security best practices.

Data Backups

In the modern age, companies with more data have the advantage. However, almost 70% of small businesses experience significant data loss. Hence, you must ensure that the information your network infrastructure holds is backed up just in case the system gets corrupted or compromised. Try out cloud-based backup services like the one offered by BetterWorld Technology to never be afraid of losing valuable data again.

Regular Updates

You should provide constant maintenance for your digital network to sustain good performance and avoid compatibility issues or glitches. Maintenance comes in the form of updates like driver and security patches. These updates can also carry major changes that completely overhaul and improve your system. To ensure your network infrastructure gets regularly updated, hire an IT solutions provider with a strong track record in software support.

Strong Passwords

Your digital network contains confidential information about your customers, dealings, and corporate objectives. Hence, you should include strong password generation in your network management practices. There are several ways to create strong passwords such as setting up two-factor authentication, incorporating different characters and symbols, and changing the passwords regularly.

Robust Firewalls

Cyber attacks are prevalent in the online space, with there being around 236 million reported ransomware attacks just in the first half of 2022. To keep your digital network safe from these threats, you should employ robust firewalls. These network security devices monitor visitors going in and out of your online business platform and block any suspicious traffic. BetterWorld Technology has reliable cybersecurity services that include giving your system strong firewall protection.

Remote Monitoring

It’s hard to constantly monitor your network infrastructure, especially as your business becomes more prominent. Hence, you should include remote monitoring in your network management strategy. BetterWorld Technology’s remote monitoring service will allow you to easily track your business’s productivity levels and system performance status, whether you’re operating in Charlotte or New York.

Final Thoughts

From backing up valuable data to using robust firewalls, there are several network management and security best practices you can adapt. If you want an IT solutions provider that can help you carry out these practices, look no further than BetterWorld Technology. For more information about our services, visit our website.



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