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What You Need To Know About Internet Explorer’s Discontinuation

Microsoft had great success developing Internet Explorer. After more than 25 years of assisting people in using and experiencing the internet, Microsoft has discontinued support for Internet Explorer (IE). IE was officially discontinued as of June 15, 2022.

What’s the next move from Microsoft? BetterWorld Technology provides insights about Internet Explorer’s discontinuation.

Microsoft Edge Will Redirect Users to Internet Explorer Mode

Microsoft Edge is a cross-platform web browser that Microsoft also developed. Microsoft first included Edge with Windows 10 and Xbox One but eventually distributed it for additional platforms, including Android and iOS, macOS and previous Windows versions, and Linux.

The Internet Explorer feature, according to Microsoft, will be available in Microsoft Edge under the IE mode. Microsoft added IE Mode to Edge to help users shift away from Internet Explorer. This mode allows companies to continue using legacy sites that may have operated best with Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Will Be Removing Internet Explorer Icons, and Edge Will Import Browser Data from IE

Users should expect to see IE icons gone from the taskbar and the Start menu on Windows. The “favorites,” saved passwords, and other settings that you have in Internet Explorer will then be imported to Microsoft Edge. This includes your IE browsing history and other data previously held in IE. These will then be available on the Microsoft Edge settings page.

Essential Steps for Internet Explorer Users

If you or your company rely on Internet Explorer, BetteWorld Technology highly suggest that you should begin to transition to Microsoft Edge. If you are familiar with Microsoft Edge, you can continue using the Internet Explorer services that have benefited you or your business.

Moreover, depending on your business location, you should work with BetterWorld Technology to have reliable IT support for all your IT needs.



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