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Ways ThreatLocker Can Help Protect Your Business

In 2021, 80% of organizations suffered from ransomware attacks. Thus, whether you have small businesses in Austin, TX, Boston, MA, Dallas, TX, Washington, DC, or other cities, you should have a plan to prevent data leaks, phishing attacks, and other cybersecurity threats. To maintain online safety and protect your organization’s crucial data, you’ll need a reliable software solution like Threatlocker.

How Does ThreatLocker Work?

ThreatLocker is an advanced cybersecurity solution that allows you to prevent any unauthorized access to your company’s data through applications allowlisting, storage control, ringfencing, and audit file. In addition, automatic block of any suspicious software and programs is possible with ThreatLocker because application allowlisting only permits tested and reputable apps on your system.

Ringfencing lets you manage how various applications communicate with each other. Thus, you can prevent suspicious activities from a reliable program, like hackers’ use of an automated script for trusted apps to create a malicious program.

ThreatLocker also offers total control over copied, saved, and deleted files. In addition, you can set the policies for particular storage devices and file types. Then you’ll know who accessed what apps and when in real-time. ThreatLocker offers an audit file to trace the incident and threatened files in case of a data breach.

How Does ThreatLocker Help Protect Your Business?

If your employee attempts to copy every customer file and hand it to your competitor, you can use ThreatLocker to control which files can be copied. You can also easily track the data copied through the log file.

Moreover, you might see a seemingly harmless report or invoice in a Word document that contains malware. With ThreatLocker, you can block altered files that don’t have the proper system profile.

If you receive suspicious emails with Zero-day malware attachments and click on them, ThreatLocker can block such malware and viruses through its application allowlisting feature.

Final Thoughts

Software solutions like ThreatLocker can help protect your business’ data and assets through features like ringfencing, application allowlisting, and storage control. Are you looking for an IT services provider that satisfies your company’s protection needs? BetterWorld Technology has you covered with our cybersecurity, managed IT services, disaster recovery, and more.

Visit our page to learn more about our customized solutions to safeguard your business.



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