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The best way to Increase Your Overall Efficiency Is By Installing a Single Sign-on (SSO) Here's Why!

Installing an SSO is a convenient security solution for your Atlanta business. Cybersecurity is a critical component of any small business, considering how they are more prone to attacks.

However, some organizations might have become used to their original application login system, believing that any changes will complicate things. At BetterWorld Technology, we are dedicated to finding better ways to improve operations. Here’s a closer look at how SSOs will increase your overall efficiency. Click the button to start the process today!

What Is an SSO?

Single sign-on services allow users to authenticate multiple applications securely using only one set of credentials. As a successful business owner, you probably involve several applications in running your company. Moreover, your employees would have to switch between these apps constantly.

The research found that workers switch between an average of 13 apps at least 30 times daily. If these apps require multi-factor authentication (MFA), workers may become pressed for time. SSOs can solve that problem.

Benefits of Installing an SSO Solution

SSOs offer several benefits for your Atlanta business. One of the most important advantages is the improved security measures you can enjoy. SSOs merge all the authentication processes involved in several apps into one login credential.

This method also complements MFAs, allowing you to log in once with SSOs and go through MFAs once. Some may believe that having only one password increases the risk of password theft. Between 20% and 50% of such cybercrimes involve password reset requests.

However, having only one set of credentials instead of multiple IDs helps you remember your details. You decrease the risk of exposing several accounts by giving cyber criminals more chances to guess your passwords.

Relatedly, resetting passwords could cost upward of $70. Avoiding this extra cost and related IT expenses helps you save money. Overall, SSO improves efficiency, maximizes security, and eliminates preventable costs.

Get Started: BetterWorld Technology Is Here To Help

SSO technology helps you access multiple systems by logging into just one system. This way, you can save time running operations while maintaining top security measures. Essentially, keeping only one set of login credentials minimizes your risk of falling into phishing and password theft cases, requiring expensive IT help desk assistance.

BetterWorld Technology is your partner in finding the best cybersecurity solutions that work for you. We believe that your data is your business’s most valuable asset, making its protection a top priority. Discuss your goals with our experts today and get a tailored solution for your Atlanta business.



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