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Behind The Keys - Windows 11 What's New

Windows 11 brought a lot of new features to the table. And yet, despite these changes, the update is not that hard to get used to. This new version of Windows builds on top of the 10’s features and makes them better. These improvements translate to increased productivity which is excellent for many power users while not compromising its casual users.

Using Windows 11 allows for a better user experience on top of enhanced productivity, making it one of the best upgrades of the operating system yet. We’ll go through each of these new and enhanced features and why we’d recommend upgrading to Windows 11.

# 1 - A Redesigned Taskbar

The Windows taskbar is perhaps one of the most iconic features of the Windows operating system.

It is the primary tool most users use to get the work done as soon as possible. However, the taskbar in the previous version of the OS can get clunky. Windows now have redesigned this to make a more streamlined and clean look. You will also get features like widgets and displays of important information. It also retains some of the elements of its predecessor, such as pinning apps, and search, which helps make your work faster.

#2 - Grouping and Snapping Windows

We at Behind the Keys think that the refined window grouping and snapping is a welcome feature. This enhances workflow by allowing you to resize Windows and even arrange them in different grid layouts. This feature is excellent for those working with two monitors or more. Our team at BetterWorld Tech Chicago loves the straightforwardness of this feature.

#3 - Better Accessibility Features

Windows 11 follows the trend of simplifying settings and making them more accessible.

You can tweak your settings to be more aesthetic or help blind and visually impaired people. The improved voice typing feature is also now available in most languages. You can also access this feature with one keyboard shortcut, eliminating the need for an IT specialist to help you with the task.

#4 - A New and Improved Windows Store

Fortunately, Windows 11 delivered in this area by making the search easier. You should also expect that the platform makes more sense and is easier to navigate than before.

#5 - Take Better Notes

Notetaking on your touchscreen devices with Windows OS has never been more satisfying with haptic feedback. Its Ink Workspace feature lets you use your preferred creativity tools instead of the standard snipping tool and Whiteboard.

What Features Were Left Out?

These are all great features to have in your OS. But there are some things that Microsoft left out in this version. David Delagado and Behind the Keys also think that some of these features were missed opportunities. Here are the three things that were left out in Windows 11:

#1 - Customizing Your Taskbar

Remember when you could transfer your taskbar from the bottom to the left, right, and the top? Well, it’s gone now. Our tinkering with the taskbar also led us to discover that you can no longer change its dimensions or even move the Time and Date displays within it. Sure, it’s cleaner. But we could’ve had a better taskbar if these features weren’t removed.

#2 - Drag-and-Drop Features

Dragging and dropping items in the taskbar was great for multitasking. However, Windows 11 no longer supports the drag and drop feature in the toolbar. This is another taskbar feature that Microsoft removed.

#3 - Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft's take on a voice assistant, and we’ve seen this integrated with the OS since Windows 8. However, upgrading your OS will mean that Cortana is no longer part of the system setup. You can still find the app, though, by visiting the Apps & Features of your Settings.

Investing in Windows 11

Our judgment would be that the OS is good but not perfect. If you’re looking for an OS that boosts

productivity, however, then Windows 11 is an excellent option as a platform. From notetaking to accessibility, and organization, Windows 11 is a terrific option to run your business.

If you want to find out more about Windows 11, contact our team now, and we’ll help you become more productive as a company.



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