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8 Topics Your Employee Cybersecurity Training Needs To Cover

Protecting your company from viruses and malware requires training employees to identify typical cyber threats. But where should you focus their training? You must ensure you’re focusing on the right things and getting your people the most relevant, updated training possible. This article compiles a few topics that should be included in cybersecurity training.

1. Online Phishing Scams

Email is a convenient way to keep in touch with customers and colleagues, but your employees should exercise caution. Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated in attempting to impersonate employees and upper management by obtaining personal data about them through email phishing.

2. How To Safeguard Passwords

Hackers will have little trouble breaking into your network if your employees use simple passwords. The best way to prevent hackers from gaining access to your information is to have employees use strong passwords. Here at BetterWorld Technology, we believe you should also offer them tools like a password vault and multi-factor authentication.

3. Remote Work

Remote workers may be more susceptible to cyber-attacks since they must rely on the internet to do their job. To ensure that their devices are running the most recent software, they should restart them once a week.

4. Keeping Company Data Safe

Employees must be reminded of the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive company data, including that of customers and employees. End-to-end encryption should be used if they must send personal data through an unsecured channel, like email.

5. Policies for Social Media

All employees should be aware of the risks associated with oversharing personal information on social media, such as their first pet’s or children’s names. The problem is that hackers will collect this information to solve security questions and get access to financial accounts or secure data vaults, even though the information may seem harmless at the time.

6. Social Engineering

By posing as a customer or making seemingly irresistible deals, con artists utilize social engineering to gain your employee’s trust and commit fraud. They use various techniques to achieve what they want from your employees, such as luring them in with the promise of a “limited-time-only” deal.

7. Practicing Online Safety

Team members rely heavily on internet access to get their jobs done. As a result, users must know how to recognize and stay away from potentially malicious websites.

8. How To Respond to a Cyber Attack

Your employees must understand what to do if a piece of software they downloaded causes their computer to malfunction. Though they may be worried about repercussions, the damage caused by malware or hackers will be minimized once it is removed or blocked by IT support or your MSP.

The Bottomline

Employees are essential to the smooth operation of any business. They need cyber security training to protect company data and the organization better.



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