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BetterWorld Technology Managed Services - Service Level Objectives


A support representative will determine the severity level based on the description provided by the customer according to the table below.



The customer will ensure that each support case submitted will designate the initial severity level of the challenge in accordance with the definitions in the table, identify the services that experienced the challenge, and provide contact information for the customer most familiar with the issue. 

Severity Levels & Target Response Times

Screenshot at May 17 11-33-03.png

IT POC Email Contacts 

The below email contacts are to be used by your business IT Manager and not for daily user requests.
Any user request should follow the How to Get Help Guide which should have been provided to you and send a request to: 
This email should be used to escalate requests to your Service Delivery Team.  

• Onboarding\Offboarding Request (Onboardings 48 HR notice required)
• User requests you feel were not handled properly
• Upcoming Projects

• Security vulnerabilities your organization might be experiencing (spam, virus, malware, compromised accounts) -
This email should be used to request equipment or equipment setups

• New user machine order
• New user machine that needs to be setup
• Equipment returns 

Customer Testimonials

"BetterWorld gelled seamlessly with the internal team, establishing a highly productive workflow and were a dedicated team of professionals who boasted exceptional problem-solving skills."

Andy Black, President & CEO Association of Oil Pipe Lines

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