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BetterWorld Tech - SAAS - Award Winning MPS in Chicago


Your Business
Our IT Expertise

Increase productivity, improve accessibility, speed deployment and save money with Software as a Service (Saas). As your trusted IT partner, BetterWorld builds a consistent, scalable and secure user experience across all platforms.


Don’t waste time managing applications or investing in hardware to run applications. Instead, free up your IT teams for mission-critical work and trust BetterWorld to host and manage your software infrastructure. We’ll rapidly automate updates and patches. We’ll take away the hassles of upgrading devices and hardware, and we’ll enhance your employee experience, empowering teams to access applications from anywhere, on any device.

BetterWorld Tech - Software as a Service
BetterWorld Tech - Software as a Service

Think Outside the Box With BetterWorld Software Solutions

Our subscription model lowers your IT costs while providing:

  • Robust security

  • Simplicity & speed

  • Global access

  • Real-time visibility & analytics

  • Self-service management

  • Flexible interfaces

  • Industry-rich IT experience and 24/7 support

Risk Assessment Services - BetterWorld Technology - Award Winners in the USA

Empower employee collaboration, expedite business operations and tailor the user experience to your industry.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - BetterWorld Technology Partner

The leading portfolio of intelligent business apps that empowers operational excellence.

Microsoft Azure - BetterWorld Tech Partner

Enjoy the freedom to build, manage and deploy application on a global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.

google workspace - BetterWorld Tech Partner

Access your favorite Google business tools from one place and integrate with Microsoft Office 365 to collaborate in real-time.

nimble - BetterWorld Tech Partner

Grow your business and build a contact database that’s accessible anywhere you work: email, browser, mobile and productivity suites.

BetterWorld Tech - Software as a Service - Award Winning MSP in Chicago

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as a Service

Build a consistent, scalable and secure experience across all platforms.



Invest in technology leadership to grow business and lead teams.

Disaster Recovery

& Backup

Keep your organization up and running while protecting valuable data.


Phone Solutions

Transform communications with flexible, cost-effective voice and data. 


Identify, assess and resolve cybersecurity threats and risks — before they occur.


as a Service

Discover the easiest, most secure way to deploy virtual desktops and operate with greater agility.


as a Service

Stay light and nimble through scalable hybrid and native cloud solutions.

Remote Management & Monitoring

Trust in proactive care for your devices, systems and networks.

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