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Benefits of BetterWorld Audio Conferencing

Use BetterWorld’s audio conferencing to get your organization connected, wherever they are. We offer multiple providers to give you multiple benefits:

  • Reservationless: Access an audio conference whenever you need to get people together. No reservations required.
  • Branded and customized specifically to your nonprofit or business.
  • Support: Rely on our systems and our 247 global support to keep your meeting participants connected regardless of their location.
  • Toll-Free access: Users can access from any phone in the USA and a number of countries worldwide.
  • Operator assistance: Streamline and manage your most demanding audio conference calls with a scalable, customized solution.
  • Billing efficiency: One low fee per month, plus the lowest per minute rates available in the industry.
  • Ease-of-use: Control your conference commands from your telephone keypad.
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