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Ways Microsoft 365 Can Enable the Hybrid Office

Most companies switched to the hybrid office set up within the last couple of years, combining remote and on-site work to maintain operations. As of February 2022, 42% of employees have been working under a hybrid schedule.

We need the proper tools to manage this new way of working, and BetterWorld Technology believes that Microsoft 365 is up to the task.

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive program providing tools to maximize the hybrid setup. Microsoft updates it with new and improved features to ensure it will fit all your needs. Here are some ways Microsoft 365 can optimize the hybrid office:

Microsoft Teams for a More Engaged Remote Work

Microsoft Teams is a unified communications platform that offers chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and more. Whether in New York, Los Angeles, or Toronto, Microsoft Teams ensures you're always connected to your colleagues.

At BetterWorld Technology, we offer Microsoft 365 and Microsoft 365 Dynamics to bolster your team productivity no matter where you are.

Speaker Coach To Enhance Your Presentation Skills

The new Microsoft 365 feature, Speaker Coach, uses artificial intelligence to analyze your speech and give you feedback on how to improve. It covers aspects such as pronunciation, intonation, and fillers.

Improved Framings To Improve Meeting Engagement

To eliminate meeting distractions caused by backgrounds or unflattering angles, Microsoft offers a new smart camera that will allow more evident faces, better framing, and regular sizing.

BetterWorld Technology: Your Reliable Managed Services Provider

What better way to optimize the hybrid office than by switching to Microsoft 365 with the help of expert guidance? At BetterWorld Technology, we always look for ways to help teams like you utilize modern technologies to your advantage.

Please find out how our remote management and monitoring services help start-up entrepreneurs to multimillion-dollar enterprises by scheduling a consultation with our experts.



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