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The ‘See Yourself in Cyber’ Mindset – Cybersecurity Awareness Month

This year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month’s theme focuses on untangling the complexity of cybersecurity and making it easier for businesses, organizations, enterprises, and individuals to understand what they can do to protect themselves against the ever-growing threat.

At BetterWorld Technology, there’s nothing more important than educating individuals on ways they can prevent cyber attacks and criminals from acquiring their access and data. Small businesses in California and elsewhere can save their company and customers’ data with four action steps:

  • Use multi-factor authentication

  • Change to a stronger password

  • Recognize phishing attempts

  • Update to the latest software

4 Key Actions To Achieve “See Yourself in Cyber.”

1. Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA or multi-factor authentication requires individuals to confirm their login on a device they own before allowing access. With this security option enabled, hackers can no longer get in using your password alone.

2. Stronger Password

Big companies and websites remind us every time that we need to set a “strong” password to lower the chances of unauthorized logins. The more complex a password, the more difficult it is to guess. If you haven’t done this already, try changing it to one with unique characters and numbers.

3. Recognize and Act-On Phishing Attempts

Awareness and education are capable weapons against cybercrimes, and you and your employees must be well-versed in what a phishing email or attempt looks like.

4. Update to the Latest Version

Lastly, ensure all your apps, software, and networks are up to date and running on the latest version.

Cybersecurity Starts With You

At BetterWorld Technology, we believe every small business should have the tools to combat threats and attacks. Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be complicated to repel potentially devastating setbacks.



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