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Pro Tips for Microsoft 365

Across the globe, millions of individuals and businesses rely on Microsoft 365. At BetterWorld Technology, we believe that properly learning how to use these tools is crucial to maximizing their benefits. This article has compiled some tips for improving productivity with Microsoft 365.

Finding Functions With Search

Instead of scrolling through tabs to find a function, type what you’re looking for into the search bar at the top. The search bar isn’t only for finding help topics; you can use it to access other program features quickly.

Take Advantage of the Free Icons, Images, and Videos

Getting professional-looking photos for your company isn’t as easy as a Google search since some results may be copyrighted. The good news is that Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint come equipped with plenty of stock photos and illustrations.

Excel’s Data Types Will Help You Save Time

Online research takes time. Fortunately, Excel can access several data sources. Use “data types” to quickly generate vast amounts of data on any subject, such as demographics, nutrition values, yoga poses, and more.

Conduct Surveys Using Microsoft Forms

One of the most underrated features of M365 is Microsoft Forms. This online tool makes it easy to conduct surveys. Once users hit “submit” on your cloud-based form, you immediately receive the results.

Improve Skills With Speaker Coach

Not everyone enjoys being the center of attention, even virtually. Speaker Coach, an AI-powered add-in for PowerPoint, can give you advice on timing, filler words, and repetitive language, among others.

Insert Repeating Email Text Using Outlook’s Quick Parts

Put an end to manually entering the same data into your email repeatedly. You can save and reuse chunks of text in your emails with Outlook’s Quick Parts feature.

The Bottomline

You can save money, time, and energy with Microsoft 365’s many helpful tools. We hope our tips will help you make the most of your subscription. Contact us today to learn more about improving productivity with tools and IT support.



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