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Planning Efficient Team Meetings

Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook once said, “The longer the meeting, the less is accomplished.” In most cases, this quote is 100% accurate. Individuals in leadership positions should learn the art of planning efficient team meetings to achieve desired business results.

This article will discuss practical ways to elevate the quality of your meetings. Read on to transform your assemblies into impactful gatherings.

Limit the Number of Attendees

If you’re confident that an email cannot relay your message correctly and you need to convene as a team, we recommend limiting the number of attendees. One representative from a concerned department should suffice. Don’t waste resources by inviting employees who have no business being there.

Set an Agenda

At BetterWorld Technology, we believe in starting meetings with a clear sense of purpose. We recommend summarizing the topics on a handout or discussing them outright in front of all the attendees. They need to know the objective of a meeting and what they’re supposed to accomplish.

Send a Meeting Summary

After you start and end your meeting on time, send a meeting summary to everyone who attended and all concerned parties. Include the agenda, the topics discussed, the chosen course of action, the person in charge, and the due date. Doing so helps team members perform their required tasks.

Bonus Tip: Enhance IT Solutions for Remote and Hybrid Meetings

In today’s business setting, people in leadership roles should encourage conducive meetings, even for remote and hybrid setups. An IT partner in Reston, VA, can do wonders for such efforts. Request a free IT evaluation now to address the needs of the modern



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