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Google Search Tips To Save Time

Countless individuals head over to Google to find the things that they need. The search engine has become so popular that it processes more than 3.5 billion daily searches. You may be one of the many people who use the platform daily for work or personal reasons. To use Google effectively, consider the following tips to save time and find information faster.

Use the “Site:” Search Function

There are times when specific details are necessary when performing a search. You can perform a Google search using the “site” functionality on exact website keywords when this happens.

Type “site:(site URL) (keyword)” in the search bar and enter. This should provide you with a list of results based on that specific URL.

Learn About Flight Details Quickly

With Google, you can learn about your flight details by typing your flight number and airline to get a list of flight information without having to go elsewhere.

Search Using “Filetype” Command

Google provides users with a search function to locate certain file types. To use this, type “filetype:(type) (keyword) in the search bar and then enter.

Use the “Tools” Link

You can narrow down search results based on a given timeframe. Input your desired keyword, click search, and select the “Tools” link under the search bar. This should allow you to choose a period you want to filter results.

Check Similar Websites Through “Related:” Filter

You can identify similar websites using the “related:” function by placing the URL of the site after the colon and then clicking search.

Remove Results Using “-(Keyword)”

You can take out results you don’t want by typing the following “(keyword) –(keyword)” in the search bar.

Want To Improve Productivity Even More?

These are just some tips to increase your productivity when performing Google searches. If you need help being more productive, BetterWorld Technology might be of assistance. Get in touch with us to learn more. We can help your business with personalized IT Support and Managed Services.



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