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Google Chrome Extensions to Improve Productivity

Google Chrome is among the most popular browsers on the internet, and its wide array of features can sometimes distract people from their daily tasks. To maintain productivity and create better output, your employees or team members will benefit from practical extensions that can help them stay on track. Below are 12 of the best Google Chrome extensions you can use.


Blocksite keeps distracting websites out of your reach. This is perfect for employees who easily get distracted or are social media enthusiasts. At BetterWorld technology, we value your cybersecurity, especially if you have a business in Baltimore, MD.


Its 10 million users commonly use Adblock due to its ability to prevent ads from randomly popping up on their screens.


Some people are forgetful, and that’s inevitable. LastPass is a great tool to store your passwords securely across numerous devices.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper can help you effortlessly save content to your device for later viewing. You can create summary links, get images, and write annotations for them.


With Pocket, you can save helpful content for offline access later.


Do you want an attractive landing page and a mini-organizer? Momentum might be the best app for your employees.

Google Keep

Organize data and take notes during meetings more efficiently with Google Keep.

Clockify Time Tracker

The Clockify Time Tracker can help you monitor your employees’ performance and keep track of their tasks.


As the name suggests, StayFocused can set employee restrictions for specific websites.


Noisli can help your employees focus more through relaxing music such as wood noises, wind, rain, and storms.


Hypercontext is a platform that allows collaboration, conversations, and meetings.


If you’re looking for a user-friendly task manager, you might as well try using Todoist.

Google Chrome Is Key

At BetterWorld Technology, we can help you select the best options for your IT systems and infrastructures. Google Chrome has some of the best productive browsers out there. Business owners can truly benefit from any of these extensions in the future.

Reach out to our team and find out more ways we can help your business with our customized IT solutions.



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