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Finding the Right IT Provider

There are many benefits your company could get from acquiring the services of an IT provider. But unless you find the right team for the job, you may encounter severe problems with your IT infrastructure, causing recurring security problems, data backup issues, irrelevant services, and downtime, resulting in losses.

Here are the common mistakes they made that you should avoid.

1. Latest Technology Syndrome

Like many business owners, you may believe that you need the latest technology to resolve all your IT issues. That is not necessarily true. What you need is seamless integration implemented by an expert IT provider and not state-of-the-art technology.

2. Overlooking Response Times

IT providers that take days to resolve problems or reply to your queries can be very frustrating, so be sure to gauge your IT provider's support efficiency before paying for their services.

Our IT team at BetterWorld Technology provides 24/7 support services to clients, offering easy access to our desk support. Clients can contact us via chat, email, and phone for instant help and guidance.

3. Disregarding Security Features

Malware and several other cyber threats can ruin your IT infrastructure, no matter how sophisticated it is. It would be best to have an IT provider to protect your system from cyber-attacks and reduce your risk of losing valuable data or access to your resources.

At BetterWorld Technology, we use features like DNS security, phishing attack simulations, endpoint protection, dark web shields, web contents filtering, and mobile device management to eliminate network intrusions and system compromises.

Other Common Mistakes

Usual mistakes business owners may also make regarding their IT infrastructure are:

● Not considering recurring costs when signing the contract.

● Outsourcing to a provider that cannot extend their services to catch up with your business growth and new goals.

● Signing a non-responsive SLA (Service Level Agreement) or not signing any SLA.

● Failure to evaluate reviews from verified past clients.

Find The Right Fit

Nobody likes to fall into the wrong hands, but that may happen without proper guidance. You may waste your investment in IT infrastructure while your business operations suffer. Not to worry, we can help you prevent that. Our experts at BetterWorld Technology are waiting to show you how you find the right IT provider for your medium-sized business. Contact us right away!



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