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Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft Viva Sales

Have you been looking for IT support solutions to improve your business operations? Perhaps you noticed how your sales team spends too much time on mundane tasks instead of selling. You’ve already implemented Microsoft software in your systems, but the demands of the current marketplace are also changing. Luckily, Microsoft introduced Viva Sales to keep up with these trends. Take a closer look at some of its features.

What Are Microsoft Viva Sales?

Microsoft is launching Viva Sales as an add-on to your existing CRM platform. Utilizing your apps' sales and leadership insights helps eliminate manual labor and minimize administrative tasks, saving time for more critical operations. As a Microsoft application, it's compatible with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. As such, your sales team will not have to learn entirely new software to obtain and analyze prospect data.

How Do Microsoft Viva Sales Benefit Small Businesses in Washington, DC?

Viva Sales is primarily significant for:

Cross-referencing data easier: Viva Sales connects to various sales-related apps and platforms outside the Microsoft ecosystem. Thus, your sales team can quickly get more insights into your performance.

Strengthening customer relationships: As your sales professionals minimize data entry tasks, you have more time to build stronger customer relationships. Positive customer relationships lead to mutually beneficial growth between businesses and customers.

Automating processes: Viva Sales utilizes artificial intelligence. With AI-driven help in your operations, your sales team can get relevant prompts, suggestions, and reminders that they can follow to maximize leads in the sales process.

Interacting with team members: As you connect with your cloud-based apps, you can tag people in Viva Sales to direct their attention to a specific area within the platform. Members from different departments can utilize this system to collaborate.

Downloading documents: Some small businesses in Washington, DC, may prefer browsing Excel data. Viva Sales lets users download leads, and customer lists offline for more comfortable and efficient work.

Keep Up With Microsoft Viva Sales Updates! Follow BetterWorld Technology

Microsoft Viva Sales is an IT solution that aims to improve the productivity of businesses of all sizes. It offers a suite of sales applications to give salespersons insights into their performance and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Although this solution is easy to implement for any business that already uses Microsoft technology, consider consulting with a seasoned managed IT service provider to determine your compatibility. Contact us at BetterWorld Technology for more insights!



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