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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for G Suite

In the competitive online business world, data is your bread and butter. With it, you can serve customers, grow your business, or stay current with trends. If a competitor were to get a hold of this data or, even worse, if a customer’s private, sensitive information leaked, the consequences could be devastating.

Successful businesses have an active DLP strategy in place to protect against data loss. Like them, you can protect your data, too. That’s why Better World Technology is offering Data Loss Prevention (DLP) as a part of your IT infrastructure.

Data breaches and other unplanned incidents can occur. Hence, you need an enterprise-grade data protection and security solution that can help protect you against accidental data loss. You can rest assured that your critical information and intellectual property are protected at the highest level.

If you’re already using G-Suite, you know that it stores sensitive data in the cloud. Below, we’ll discuss how you can use this platform as a DLP tool!

Regular Backups

Often compared to insurance, backing up your work is another form of insurance. Whether you’re an IT professional or not, you’re reminded to “save and back up your work” regularly. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with G Suite experience and expertise, we’ll maintain and manage your Google data backups using the best industry practices. As a result, your data is highly secured and always available for recovery. With DLP on your IT plan, you’ll be able to stay on task without the risk of losing your work should unexpected events happen.

Security Features

G Suite helps you manage data security by providing controls and regulating who accesses what information. These controls can be implemented to specify permissions and assign access to groups of people. With advanced G Suite security tools, you can automate data loss prevention or identify and block risky third-party SaaS applications. Plus, you will be notified of suspicious login attempts.

Constant Audits, Reports, & Monitoring

G Suite audits, reports, and monitoring are critical in keeping your network secure. It’s the responsibility of your IT team to monitor regularly, audit, and report on G Suite activity. In addition to DLP stats and account login activity, it can also track and report content violations to protect your organization on multiple levels.

Maximize Your Data Protection Today

Overall, maximizing your DLP makes it easy to protect your data and communications from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Contact Better World Technology to discuss your options if you’re a small business in Washington, NY, Georgia, or anywhere in the US.



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