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Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities and Threats to Avoid

Cybersecurity threats aren’t just issues that plague major corporations; smaller companies and businesses can also be targets. Many of these hackers are opportunists who will try to take advantage of gaps in digital security — no matter the organization’s size.

Business owners nationwide need to ensure their cybersecurity measures can effectively thwart attacks. These are the following vulnerabilities you need to avoid

1. Insufficient Endpoint Cybersecurity

Antivirus programs and firewall protocols are some of the most strong endpoint defenses one can have. Unfortunately, many companies neglect these endpoint digital security measures because they assume they’re inefficient.

Leveraging these endpoint defenses and ensuring they stay updated to prevent potential breaches is essential.

2. A Lack of Account Privilege Control

A common reason why cybersecurity threats can wreak havoc upon their target networks is because of poor account privilege control. Limiting access to these privileges can help you control existing vulnerabilities.

It’s vital to ensure that new accounts can’t access administrator-level functions to minimize threats.

3. Weak Login Credentials

The credentials you use to log in to essential company systems must be sturdy enough to reduce the chances of being compromised. Weak user login details can easily lead to brute force attacks from criminals who stole or guessed your information.

You’ll need to apply strict password protocols and measures to avoid this problem.

4. Not Leveraging Network Segmentation

Businesses need to segment their networks accordingly; this will restrict attackers who have penetrated the initial defenses to having limited access to certain functions within the network.

Prioritizing network access control and creating restrictive policies can heavily reduce cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

5. Mistakes in System Configurations

Errors in a system’s configuration can easily lead to digital vulnerabilities for organizations. To avoid these issues it’s best to remedy the situation as soon as these misconfigurations are revealed.

6. Letting Ransomware In

Ransomware can easily penetrate organizational networks — especially when employees are not trained to recognize them. Besides training workers, you should also ensure that your systems remain updated to thwart these attacks from happening in the first place.

Get Rid of Cybersecurity Threats at Once

Eliminating these cybersecurity vulnerabilities is crucial for businesses today, which minimizes the possibility of being a data breach victim, which can have lasting consequences.

If you need help with your cybersecurity, you can leverage the services offered by a managed services provider like BetterWorld Technology. Get in touch today to learn more.



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