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Cybersecurity Basics for Social Media

It’s no mystery that everyone in your company, including the top executives, will use social media daily. But those who don’t know basic cybersecurity practices may make themselves and your business vulnerable to attacks — even with something as innocuous as social media.

Here at BetterWorld Technology, we’ve shared cybersecurity basics to help you strengthen your company against hackers and other malicious entities.

Don’t Click and Tell

Think about what you’re posting before publishing them on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Even the most mundane information, like the coffee shop you like to visit, can be used by cybercriminals for fraud or identity theft. So avoid sharing personal information like addresses, location, and trip schedules.

Beware of Links

Don’t just click links you see on social media sites. Some of them could be phishing attempts, and others might download ransomware into your device. So be sure to inspect URLs and find any red flags. In addition, open links from only those you trust.

Stay Updated With Cybersecurity Risks

The best way to stay protected from cybersecurity risks is to know how they can happen. That way, you can stay one step ahead and ensure that your team and company are protected. So learn the latest developments, comply with new regulations, and work with security professionals like BetterWorld Technology.

The Bottom Line

If a device can connect to the internet, it’s automatically vulnerable to cyberattacks. So ensure your company is protected by educating employees about cybersecurity for social media.

For comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, get in touch with us at BetterWorld Technology. We work with businesses in areas like San Francisco, CA, London, UK, and New York, NY. Contact us today!



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