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Benefits of Using More Than One Monitor

Most people know that one monitor is sufficient for each computer setup. That’s the way things have been for many years until recently.

According to a survey in 2017 by Jon Peddie Research, people who used two monitors — rather than just sticking with a single setup — experienced a 42% average increase in productivity. Dual monitors have started to become a trend already!

If you aren’t yet convinced, consider the following benefits that come with using two monitors:

You Can Do More Things in Less Time

A significant advantage of having a second monitor is that you don’t struggle to switch between various windows. An additional monitor can work as a backup display that always stays open in one corner while the main work happens on the primary screen. You can accomplish more digital activities in less time than sticking to just a single monitor.

Your Laptops Can Have More Screen Space

Laptops are convenient computing devices to have around, especially when traveling. They are highly portable and designed to be portable, so you can quickly bring them along wherever you go.

However, a significant disadvantage is their lack of size; you can’t enjoy a more expansive screen when you choose to bring a laptop.

You can significantly increase the screen space of your laptop by adding an extra monitor. It’s possible to mirror the whole screen or use both computer screens separately to make multitasking easier.

You Can Compare Data Better

Many digital tasks will require professionals to compare data online. For instance, graphic designers often have to set two or more images side-by-side to compare finished designs.

With an extra monitor, you can quickly compare various windows without frustration.

You Have More Freedom During Video Calls

A dual monitor setup lets you choose which displays you want to share whenever you have a meeting. Even when you’re in a call, you can still access apps on the backup screen where no one can see what you’re doing.

You Have a Cost-effective Productivity Booster

Finally, a dual monitor configuration lets you increase productivity in your workplace at a low price.

Setting it up is also relatively easy; you only have to plug the monitor in and get going.

Improve Your Productivity With Us

A setup with dual computer screens can be beneficial, but you can use many other tools today to increase productivity.

At BetterWorld Technology, we can help improve your business processes, giving your company a better bottom line. If your business is in Chicago or anywhere else in the United States, contact us today to learn more about our managed IT services and find out how we can help your company's productivity.



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