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5 Cyberattacks to Be On the Look Out For

Businesses today have completely digitized their assets in order to operate. Not having a digital presence in this day and age may render a brand invisible and irrelevant, setting itself up for failure.

While this opens up a ton of conveniences and opportunities for organizations, if a company does not protect its data effectively, they risk losing valuable assets not only in terms of finances but also their competitive advantage which can completely ruin the business.

Hackers are everywhere and cybersecurity is a MUST. Let’s get to know the different types of cyberattacks. .

1. Cyberattacks That Are After Personal Information

Dates, financial data, and social security numbers are perhaps three of the most valuable pieces of information that hackers want to have. That's why we need to do everything that we can to protect them. This data can be utilized for fraudulent activities such as identity theft, which is still one of the top modus operandi of cyber criminals today. Protect yourselves, protect your identity, and protect your finances.

2. Cyberattacks Who Want To Access Digital Infrastructures

You invest a ton of capital in just building your IT infrastructure and so its security should also be a priority. If not, then hackers will have a field day on penetrating your servers and taking advantage of it. Notice that your storage gets full quick or your network is slowing down? These are symptoms of problems in your infrastructure and it would be prudent to check if any hacker has successfully undermined your defenses.

3. Cyberattacks Who Are After Confidential Information

A businesses’ intellectual properties are the backbone of its operations. If they are compromised and leaked into the public by hackers then you might lose your competitive advantage. This can be lethal to your company and is something that you need to protect with all you’ve got.

4. CyberattacksWho Are After Account Data

Data such as login credentials are very important for an organization. Hackers know that and so they will do everything that they can to access yours. Your IT department should be well-versed in putting up defenses against these types of hackers.

5. Cyberattacks Aiming for Network Control

There are hackers that are also more ambitious than that. Some want to take over your entire network and will only relinquish control once you’ve paid a ransom. The best way to avoid this is to put pre-emptive measures in place to begin with.

How To Protect Your Business Effectively

You always have to be one or two steps ahead of these hackers and implement company-wide protection to ensure the safety of your valuable assets. We offer five simple ways for you to do so i.e. investing in your company's cybersecurity, training your employees, adding an extra layer of authentication, leveraging your software, and performing regular security checks.

Hiring an MSP can be prudent and will return your investment tenfold. They do not only offer high-end cybersecurity but also peace of mind that your organization is always shielded from threats.

Train your employees and make them aware of such threats, upgrade your software such as your anti-virus whenever necessary, and always perform regular security checkups without fail so you know that no one has breached your defenses in real-time. Lastly, adding that extra layer of authentication will go a long long way when it comes to dealing with scammers, hackers, and anyone who has ill intentions to log in to your apps and tools.

Better Safe Than Sorry

As your business grows, so too will the interest of hackers to try and penetrate your infrastructure and steal valuable data. So, be on the pre-emptive and strengthen your organization's cybersecurity ASAP.

Engaging with one of the top managed IT firms in Chicago is not such a bad idea. So, what are you waiting for?

Contact me today and start shielding your organization from evildoers!



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