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Effortlessly Build Your
Contact Database

Stop wasting time searching your inbox or spreadsheets for valuable customer information. Nimble, a sales and marketing CRM, collects customer data from social networks and more than 160 SaaS applications.


Nimble from BetterWorld is the only CRM that creates auto-enriched contact profiles from anywhere on the web. Simply hover over any name to capture actionable contact information, business insights, and interaction history.

nimble - BetterWorld Tech - Award Winning MSP in Chicago

Stay Nimble,
Get Organized

​Find, capture and store contacts, emails and calendars in one simple platform. Best of all, you see this information wherever you work: mobile, browser, email and productivity suites.

Nimble CRM

Grow Your Business
With Nimble

Nimble is the only CRM that builds itself for you:

Organize Contacts: Organize your contacts into segmented lists, take bulk actions, send group messages and set follow-up tasks.

Search Anywhere: While browsing the web, inside Outlook, using your favorite apps (including Teams, Word, Excel and more) or with native Android and iOS apps.

Unify Contacts: Unify contact data from more than 160+ apps into a single platform that’s easily accessible everywhere you work.

Track Activities: Stay on track with tasks, events and calls with a comprehensive table of scheduled and completed activities.

Manage the Sales Process: Automatically tie your team's tasks, events and communications to each deal, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

nimble - BetterWorld Technology
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nimble- BetterWorld Technology Partner

Grow your business and build a contact database that’s accessible anywhere you work: email, browser, mobile and productivity suites.

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