BetterWorld Mission Critical Guide Series, Part 6: SD-WAN as a Service

September 6, 2020

SD-WAN Network Management as a Service

Modern enterprise networks are becoming more challenging to manage as companies grapple with growing data volumes, shifting traffic requirements, complex infrastructures, and cloud adoption. Tomorrow’s enterprise network environment will need a more agile form of connectivity management to stay ahead of the curve.

Software-defined approaches to IT infrastructure have solved problems in enterprise storage, computing resources and local area networks. Now, companies can apply the same software-defined principles to wide-area networks in the form of SD-WAN solutions.

SD-WAN is a tool that can breathe new life into wide-area networks, increasing both reliability and performance. As a software layer that sits atop traditional network infrastructure, it offers an easy way to enhance users’ experience while reducing overall complexity and administrative costs.

SD-WAN is a promising technology for enterprise customers facing modern network challenges, but companies should enter the evaluation and procurement stage with care. There are as many interpretations and varieties of SD-WAN as there are vendors. Companies must understand their requirements for a solution before testing the different options.

A robust SD-WAN solution will not only support your wide-area network now but will also form a solid foundation for future developments. By using a flexible infrastructure that configures itself to support your network operations, the reliability and performances you attain from SD-WAN today will endure tomorrow.

COVID-19 Is ‘The Epitome’ Of A Real-Life SD-WAN Use Case

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing employees to work remotely via bandwidth-intensive applications from their homes. The result? Networks are being impacted in new and unprecedented ways, solution providers say.

As users move off the campus network to remote connections, SD-WAN adoption is taking off because it provides a virtual WAN architecture allowing businesses to use any combination of transport services, including MPLS, LTE, and broadband internet services, to securely connect users to applications.

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