BetterWorld Mission Critical Guide Series, Part 3: Desktop as a Service

August 16, 2020

Why Desktop as a Service? Why Now?

Organizations are quickly realizing the numerous benefits of moving away from physical desktop machines, each loaded with all the software, operating system, etc. in favor of Desktops as a Service. This transition has enabled many organizations to reduce IT management complexity, cut costs, improve workforce productivity, and deliver an enhanced user experience. All of this is achieved by allowing employees to access corporate files, applications, and services on any device, anytime, anywhere.

As IT organizations increasingly move away from physical PCs in favor of virtual desktops, the idea of desktop as a service is becoming increasingly attractive. At the heart of this is Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and its ability to make deployment and management of the desktop environment far less difficult for IT, while giving users maximum flexibility and a better, customizable user experience.

The key business drivers for adopting a DaaS or managed workspace strategy must be identified and formalized, such that rational outcomes of the program can be formulated and tracked. This will ensure that the DaaS or workspace service is delivering the intended benefits and the business case holds up.

Engaging with practitioners who deliver DaaS and workspace technologies is recommended to ensure the successful implementation of the solution.

The drivers pre-COVID-19 were plenty, not facing the new normal, DaaS is the obvious choice

No, the personal computer isn’t dead, but it looks significantly different than it did just a few years ago. Even though organizations need to upgrade or replace many of their client systems, those physical units are increasingly being replaced by virtual machines. DaaS may be an excellent fit for organizations that need new end-user computing solutions but are conscious of cost, deployment and support challenges.

There’s no debate that the personal computer industry is undergoing its most dramatic upheaval in history. Sales of traditional desktops and notebooks have declined precipitously during the past two years, seemingly part of an irreversible trend. Still, organizations need to upgrade their users’ client systems for a variety of reasons, including dramatically aging PC inventories and requirements for more computing horsepower to run modern operating systems.

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