The BetterWorld Podcast Launches

February 27, 2020

This week BetterWorld takes another big step forward, launching our BetterWorld Podcast Series, now available via the News and Resources section of the BetterWorld Technology website.

Hosted by Matt Bauer, the BetterWorld Podcast is a bi-weekly journey into the world of managed services, cyber security, communications, other aspects related to the mission critical infrastructure for small and medium businesses and organizations.

Our goal is to bring business owners, directors and managers take home value, helping them make better decisions regarding what has become the backbone of many enterprise and organizations.

Episode One focuses on Cybersecurity and what leaders of small to medium-sized organizations can do today to help mitigate and prevent information security breaches and bolster what is now the backbone of many businesses and nonprofits. Matt interviews James Gorman, BetterWorld Chief Information Security Officer and technology/security industry veteran.

Click here to listen - and please let us know your thoughts and any topics you would like to see us cover.

Posted in: Cybersecurity Podcast

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