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March 16, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, one theme that has quickly risen to the top is that of remote and flexible work. BetterWorld conducted a six-month study over ten years ago with a team from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute outside Seattle and the conclusions of the report were resounding and unanimous.

The report, BetterWork Today for a BetterWorld Tomorrow, noted that even a slight uptick in remote work would have large impacts across the board in many categories including health & wellness, the environment, and cost of doing business. One data point, if just ½ of those who can, would work from home 2-3 days more per week, we would cut the U.S. carbon footprint in half and save thousands of lives just from stress and auto accidents.

Fast forward to today, our society and businesses are being challenged in a way never seen with an urgent need to implement both short and long term infrastructure and strategies for remote and flexible work. To be sure, not all businesses can work in this environment (restaurants, dry cleaners, and many others) but in our increasingly service-based economy, most businesses and organizations can and need to free up their employees to work in a distributed fashion.

While this kind of change cannot effectively happen overnight, BetterWorld Technology has been implementing BetterWork for organizations for much of the past decade. What is key are fundamental elements from the network to security, communications, software, storage, backup and one partner who can pull it all together, quickly. BetterWorld Technology is ready to help businesses make the transition now to more secure, responsive and flexible communication and IT infrastructure.

For instance, BetterWorld Technology’s Desktop as a Service provides cloud-optimized virtual apps and desktops, storage, and anywhere, anytime access to your desktop with the device of your choice. We offer a no-cost BetterWork review with some of the most seasoned managed services veterans in the industry who can quickly get you and your employees positioned with a safe, effective and secure remote/flexible IT and communications infrastructure.

Please contact us at []() or call us at 866.567.2273 to learn more.

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