Quick-Start User Guide for Polycom Phones

July 1, 2019

Polycom phones are one of the most commonly-used communication tools for businesses, and it’s no surprise — they are versatile, reliable, and have a wide variety of options available. They’re a great option for use with hosted VoIP or SIP solutions in conference rooms, at employees’ desks, and in call centers.

As part of the BetterWorld mission to make voice and data simple for businesses, we created a guide with handy quick shortcuts for the most commonly-used Polycom phone features. We cover how to dial out on Polycom phones, how to transfer calls, access your voicemail, use call forwarding, and much more.

Check out the table below for more information.

The BetterWorld Quick-Start Guide to Polycom Phones

Dialing Out


(area code) - xxx - xxxx Example: 703 - 386 - xxxx


011 - country code - city code - number Example: 011 55 21 xxxxxxx


* (e.g., for ext. 101, dial *101)


2* (e.g., 2*101)

Transferring Calls

Transfers (Warm)

  • While on a call, press the Transfer button
  • Dial * or a 10-digit number
  • When the party answers, you may speak with them
  • To connect the caller, press Transfer again and hang up

Transfers (Cold)

  • While on a call, press the Transfer button
  • Press the Blind button
  • Dial * or a 10-digit number
  • The call is transferred and you will be disconnected

Mobile Transfer

  • When you answer a call on your mobile or landline phone, press ** for the Anywhere Menu
  • Press 3
  • Dial* or a 10-digit number
  • Hang up to complete the transfer. Stay on the line if you wish to speak to the party you are calling prior to completing it

Accessing Voicemail

From Your Desk Phone

  • Dial 8*

From Another Account Phone

  • Dial 8* then your extension number

From Outside Phones

  • Dial your company’s phone number
  • Press *

3-Way Conference Calling

  • While on call, press Conference
  • Dial * or the 10-digit number
  • Press Conference again
  • Enter extension & PIN, if required
  • Your voicemails will begin playing automatically
  • Select 0 for more options, then select from:
  • Access personal voicemail
  • Access department voicemail (department managers only)
  • Send announcements
  • Set up voicemail

Call Forwarding

  • Press Forward key on phone
  • Set the Call Forwarding Type
  • Enter * or a 10-digit number
  • Press Enable

NOTE: You may use your Find Me List to forward missed calls.

Anywhere Menu

  1. Go back to the call
  2. Transfer the call to voicemail
  3. Transfer the call to an extension or 10-digit phone number
  4. Transfer the call to an extension by entering the first several letters of the name
  5. Start or stop call recording

Using Arrow Keys

  • Up: Display Speed Dial numbers
  • Right: Display Placed Calls
  • Left: Display Received Calls For IP 3xx models, this is not a function key
  • Down: Display Missed Calls. For IP 3xx models, this key also displays Received Calls

Directory Button/Contact Directory

Contains your Speed Dial list and Company Directory

Want a downloadable version of these instructions? We’ve also created this handy PDF guide.

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