Tips for Improving Your Phone Skills

August 2, 2016

Phone interactions are such an important part of providing excellent customer service to your clients. But what do you do when your phone skills — or the phone skills of some of your employees — aren’t up to par? These tips can help anyone improve their phone skills so that you can provide high-quality customer service and reap the benefits for your business or nonprofit.

Introduce Yourself

Phone calls can be more personalized than emails or other online communication. When a customer calls your business or nonprofit, they should feel a connection with the person on the other line. Make sure you introduce yourself, along with the name of your company. Bonus tip: before picking up the phone, take a few deep breathes. This phone call may be taking you away from another task, but you don’t want your caller to get that impression. Breathe in and answer when you’re ready.

Give Your Undivided Attention

Two common reasons people like to call businesses is when they are serious about learning more about the company, or when they’ve experienced a problem. In either of these instances, that caller should have your undivided attention. If you are unable to provide this to them at the moment, find someone who can. If it is constantly a struggle to successfully execute this because of the number of phone calls your company or nonprofit receives, or the nature of your work, consider hiring someone to run your call center.

Don’t Interrupt

One of the most important tips of all is to truly listen to your customer. You may be thinking that this goes along with giving him or her your undivided attention, but they are actually separate executions. For instance, your experience may make you anticipate questions before they’ve had a chance to be asked. Every customer is unique, and even if you are correct in assuming what their inquiry or problem may be, you need to make sure you are showing respect by refraining from interrupting. In the end, your patience will pay off, especially with the people who are upset and calling with a problem.

These tips can help anyone adopt better phone skills and improve overall customer satisfaction, but what do you do when no one is available to answer the phone? Your voicemail represents you and your company or nonprofit. Make sure you know these Tips for Getting the Most Out of your Company’s Voicemail.

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