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Modern Internet Services With Proven Expertise

Find the right internet services to modernize your business. Choose from BetterWorld’s suite of internet packages and rely on our capabilities and expertise for an easier, safer and more cost-effective way to manage your networks.

Network Services - BetterWorld Technology

Adapt to Emerging Technologies
& Scale Your Workforce

A reliable, secure end-to-end network infrastructure helps you minimize downtime, optimize performance, simplify management and reduce operational costs. We design resilient innovative network strategies and solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

Our Solutions Include:

Network Infrastructure


Cloud Networking

Network Security

Dedicated Managed Services


Simplify complex networks and elevate network traffic management to the cloud for greater agility, control and visibility. Provide flexible deployment options and lower network costs.


Centralized Management

Visibility into your network and application performance.


Agile and Flexible

Adapt to changing business needs with flexible hybrid WAN designs.


Dynamic Routing

Optimal delivery of business applications through application-aware intelligent routing.


Transport Agnostic

Virtual seamless integration with your existing network configuration, providing connectivity over any transport type.


Network Security

Create integrated solutions with encryption, layered firewalls and cloud security options.


Application Performance

Optimize application performance through hybrid or internet links with direct, secure access to enterprise and could applications.


Zero-Touch Provisioning

Automatically configure and provision devices, saving time and reducing complexity.


Control Costs

Integrate and scale cost-effective connectivity options like broadband and internet.

Network Services by BetterWorld Technology

Ethernet Solutions

Enjoy simple, cost-effective ways to connect business locations and deliver business apps, data and information. Traffic flows seamlessly over your Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) with the performance, flexibility and reliability that your business requires.


  • Simplify network management: Unify your LAN and WAN

  • Connect to more locations: Leverage our extensive network footprint and multiple access options

  • Increase performance: Accelerate speed of applications and data

  • Gain scalability: Increase bandwidth as your needs grow, with options ranging from 3 Mbps to 100 Gbps


Private Line

Whether you’re building a secure network for multiple locations or converging multiple types of bandwidth-intensive traffic on a single connection, Betterworld Technology tailors network solutions to meet your needs. 


  • Speed the transmission of near real-time, business-critical applications without interruption

  • Securely transport sensitive and private information across your network

  • Converge multiple types of bandwidth-intensive traffic on a single connection

  • Leverage one of the largest and most advanced IP networks in the U.S.

  • Support multiple configurations, types of traffic and signaling protocols

  • Choose from scalable bandwidth options including fiber optics, Ethernet, SONET/STS, SDH/STM and wavelength circuit types

  • Get the most cost-effective solution to meet your specific latency and diversity requirements



Tap the power of the intelligent WAN to simplify network management, lower operating costs and improve performance of applications.

  • Securely connect local, national or international locations using one service

  • Improve performance of cloud resources – through a direct connection

  • Reduce network costs by converging previously separate connections for voice, video and data

  • Enjoy high performance of applications using robust classes of service and optional applications performance management

  • Maximize bandwidth on-demand

  • Gain peace of mind and continuous uptime through optional hosted security and 4G wireless backup features

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Recommend Add-ons and Related Services 

Our customized solutions and services work better together.


as a Service

Build a consistent, scalable and secure experience across all platforms.



Invest in technology leadership to grow business and lead teams.

Unified Communications

Simplify your workday with an all-in-one solution for phone, text, video, email & instant messaging.

Managed IT


Simplify IT operations while bringing together teams and technology.


Identify, assess and resolve cybersecurity threats and risks — before they occur.


as a Service

Discover the easiest, most secure way to deploy virtual desktops and operate with greater agility.


as a Service

Stay light and nimble through scalable hybrid and native cloud solutions.

Call Center & Contact Services

Elevate customer engagement with effortless, seamless communications personalized across all touchpoints.

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