Work-life tips

  • Cutting Your Phone Bill Costs

    Ways to Drastically Lower Your Phone Bills Whether you’re a small startup or a colossal business with many years under your belt, you’re always searching for ways to save money. If there is a method for pinching some pennies, we bet you’ve tried it. One of the easiest places to save a few bucks is with your phone bill....
  • Workplace Productivity & How to Improve It

    Back in the Office? Here Are Some Tips On Improving Workplace Productivity Work productivity is important for getting the most out of your company or nonprofit’s employees. Although you certainly do not want to overwork them, it’s important to provide the right type of environment for your employees to be able to stay focused on the task at hand....
  • Stay Productive While Working Remotely

    Maintaining Productivity: Working From Home If you have a job that allows you to work remotely, you understand how easy it can be to fall into a rut. While it’s important to have rituals, it’s also important to shake things up a bit to avoid falling into a hole of unproductivity....
  • Tech Tips for Work-Life Balance

    Sometimes it can be hard to strike a good work-life balance. Even when you go home, it can feel as though you’re taking your work with you. This can be physically and mentally draining. The addition of technology into our daily lives has complicated this dilemma even further. On one hand, technology helps simplify our lives; on the other, technology means we can easily be distracted from the pleasures that are right in front of us. It also means that leaving the office, doesn’t necessarily mean leaving work. The truth is, finding the perfect work-life harmony only happens when you know when to ditch the tech and when to utilize it. Check out how you can strike the perfect balance with these tech tips. ...


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