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  • BetterWorld Mission Critical Guide Series, Part 3: Desktop as a Service

    Why Desktop as a Service? Why Now? Organizations are quickly realizing the numerous benefits of moving away from physical desktop machines, each loaded with all the software, operating system, etc. in favor of Desktops as a Service. This transition has enabled many organizations to reduce IT management complexity, cut costs, improve workforce productivity, and deliver an enhanced user experience....
  • What Is DaaS & Why Do You Need It?

    Desktop as a Service: Top 4 Benefits The business world has transformed considerably in recent years, as VoIP technology has become more common, more businesses are moving to the cloud, and remote work has become a standard operating procedure in most organizations. According to one study, at least 70 percent of employees are now working at least one day a week from somewhere other than the office....
  • What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

    Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud computing offering that enables businesses to deliver cloud-hosted virtual desktops to any device, from anywhere. DaaS solutions provide complete hosted desktops for applications and email securely delivered over the web. They’re simple to buy and easy to manage, with no software for IT to maintain....
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