Ceddrick Lovins

Ceddrick Lovins

Ceddrick Lovins

Business Development


After graduating with a BS in Computer Science, Ceddrick started a technical career. He has been a network engineer, a technical support manager, a systems engineer, a computer programmer and IT Director. That gave him the background for a technical sales career.

Over the course of time, Ceddrick has worked with and sold many technologies including computer hardware and software, printers and other peripherals, laptops, workstations, servers, front end processors, hubs, switches, routers, security appliances and software, wireless appliances, VPNs, DAS, NAS, SAN and various other networking equipment, his telecom background includes voice and data spanning, VoIP, Cloud, hybrid and premise-based systems. He is also experienced with multiple “as a Service” technologies including UCaaS.

He has worked for and learned from some of the biggest and brightest thought leaders and tech corporations on the planet. Some of those companies are IBM, Cisco, AT&T and Avaya. He learned customer care and service early in his career and has continued perfecting it throughout. He loves his customers. He builds strong relationships with them. Some have lasted over 20 years.

Certified B Corporation

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